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About Us

About FreeStuffHut.com

We have been around before social media even took off…


FreeStuffHut.com started its journey in 2008, setting out to be a friendly corner on the internet where people passionate about freebies, deals, and sweepstakes could gather.

Our mission was simple yet ambitious: to build a buzzing community where the excitement of discovering and sharing free stuff was a daily joy.

This vision quickly caught on, and by 2013, we were a thriving with over 4 million active monthly users.

Each member added their unique spark to our community, making every find and share a celebration.


However, every story has its ups and downs. In 2015, we faced challenges that led us to temporarily cease operations. It was a tough period, but our passion for FreeStuffHut.com never waned.

Fast forward to 2024, and we’re back with a bang!

We overcame hurdles, including reclaiming our domain, and are now re-launching stronger and more determined than ever.

As we reignite the spirit of FreeStuffHut.com, we bring not only the rich history and experience we’ve garnered over the years but also an unwavering commitment to making our platform the most friendly, reliable, and vibrant freebie community out there. We’re not just a website; we’re a testament to resilience, a story of revival, and your ultimate destination for all things free.

Check out our impressive stats and take a nostalgic trip with how much traffic we used to get!


Join us as we embark on this renewed adventure.

Your trust and participation mean the world to us, and together, we’re ready to make FreeStuffHut.com better than ever.

Share the word and Welcome back to your favorite spot for freebies – let’s make every hunt a story worth sharing!