Earn $15 For Downloading BrandClub App

Earn $15 For Downloading BrandClub App

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Update: It worked for me

Basically, after doing the whole process for myself, you do get the $15 and you do have opportunities to earn additional money such as filling out surveys that’s how I ended up getting $21.

You must sync your accounts from like target Walmart, Amazon, places like that you have to sync a minimum of two accounts.

The cool thing is when you sync those accounts it automatically sync up rewards. The catch is they try to get you stuck using the app because right now I have $36 that I’m not able to cash out on because I have to unlock it

It’s kind of a confusing process but if you follow the steps below, you should get your $15 pretty easily. Now when you sync your accounts and you have additional rewards that you’re eligible for, to unlock those rewards it’s a process and it’s all made to keep you using the app which you don’t have to. Just FYI. Your goal is to just get the $15 and walk away. Follow the steps below. If you want to understand how to get more money from the app, I’ll have to make a separate post.

They sent me $19.50 after taking out $1.50 in transaction fees

A new company named BrandClub which is a money savings app is offering a limited time deal of $15 per new member. It is a marketing thing that is very common where they are giving people money instead of spending it on ads. It is a good way to market in my opinion. You can delete the app if you want after you get your $15. You can cash out via venmo or paypal.

Its 100% legit and I got mine

I got $17 for other purchases as well by connecting just two accounts

Follow these steps!

How to get your free $15

  1. Click here and download the app
  2. Click in the Accounts tab and connect at least two of your accounts (Amazon, Target, Walmart, Chewy, etc)
  3. Verify your email to get your $15
  4. Click the (+) button to earn cashback on any qualifying purchases you’ve made
  5. Click on Rewards at the bottom then Cash Out at the top and choose where you want your money sent to (PayPal or Venmo).
  6. After you Cash out, your money will be sent to your PayPal or Venmo account usually within 24 hours. You will receive an email confirming your cash back payment from Brandclub.
  7. Be sure to go back to the app after you’ve shopped somewhere and press the + button to sync your purchases and earn cash back on eligible items!

If you don’t see the $15 right away, it could be delayed and should show up soon. Make sure you turn on notifications for the app and verify your email to enable cash out. To do so just click the “Enable notifications” link and also the “Verify email” link under the cash out option and follow the instructions.

It took me a min but it all started to come in

Additional information about Brandclub

With the Brandclub app, you can earn cash rewards when you shop and engage with your favorite brands. Earn real cash. No confusing point systems or gift cards. Just real cash transferred to your account.

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