FREE 4k 55in Smart TV from Telly (Its 100% Legit & Free Heres Why)

FREE 4k 55in Smart TV from Telly (Its 100% Legit & Free Heres Why)

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This offer is 100% legit but there is a catch let me explain.

TV company Telly is introducing a new type of television. It’s a dual screen television that essentially plays advertisements on one end of the screen, and on the other end of the screen plays whatever it is that you’re watching according to telly, they have a motto they say this TV is so smart, it pays for itself.

It pays for itself because it displays advertisements to whoever has a TV on in their household.

This is what Telly’s CEO and founder, Ilya Pozin, describes as the “biggest innovation in television since color.” That innovation? Rather than pay for the big screen you’re force-fed advertising through, Telly is giving you the TV free of charge. So instead of paying for a TV and a bunch of channels or streaming services while companies make money from advertising and selling personal data, people can at least get the TV for free, the logic goes.


The main concern is the cost of privacy these concerns I am not gonna go too deep into, but essentially if you don’t mind data collection and things of that nature, then this TV is for you. Wired does a good job explaining the privacy issues associated with Telly if you would like to read that click here.

Telly plans to ship 500,000 free televisions by the end of 2023, with millions more in 2024. Over 250,000 households registered for their free Telly during the first week the company’s registration system was open.

This what it looks like ^^^ (Source: The Verge)

We are not your normal freebie website that just posts things, we wanted to make sure that you know while It is technically free, it does come at a cost which is your privacy now if you don’t care about that kind of stuff, then go ahead and click get Free TV and sign up to get yours.

Telly TV Specs/Features

55” 4K HDR main TV screen

Integrated second Smart Screen

Powerful 6-driver soundbar

Video Calling on the big screen

Tons of video games in Game Room

Voice Assistant

Interactive fitness studio in the living room

Latest news, sports scores, weather, stocks and more

Listen and discover music and podcasts

Set the mood with the immersive backlight

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