Free Sample Pack of Immy (Immunity Booster Supplement) + FREE SHIPPING

Free Sample Pack of Immy (Immunity Booster Supplement) + FREE SHIPPING

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Hurry this one wont last long. A new company called Immy is offering a free 30 day sample of their immunity boosting product! They say they are so confident that you will come back to purchase more they have no issues giving away a free sample pack with FREE SHIPPING!

Immy was developed by a Dr. Charles Akle.

Dr. Charles Akle

He has over 40 years experience in medicine and immunology. You can read more about his work here -> HERE

What exactly is Immy?

Instead of writing what it is here is a video explaining what it is by Dr. Charles Akle.

Video by Dr. Charles explaining what Immy is.


  • What is immy? immy is a strain of mycolicibacteria called M. aurum Aogashima that exists in nature but has become absent from our microbiome due to modern, sterilized, and often urban living
  • What does immy do? immy acts like a conductor to a complex immune system that’s a pretty big orchestra, teaching it which threats to fight and which to leave alone.
  • Why does immy work? immy contains a mycolicibacterium strain (M. aurum Aogoshima) that – when taken daily – connects deep in the gut, activating the immune system and working to help control inflammation in the body. Inflammation has been scientifically proven to have a direct impact on stress resilience and anxiety coping in the brain.

How to claim your sample?

It’s easy, go to the bottom of this page, click the button that says “get sample” and fill out your information.

Immy will then send you a code via email.

I blacked out the code they sent me. Just FYI, everyone code will be different.

You will use that code on their website and go throughout the checkout process and before checking out enter in the code sent to you by email!

FyI: Dont use this code you need to get your own code by filling out the information . You get your own code to use sent by email

It’s absolutely 100% FREE and no payment information is required at all!

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