Get Hello Fresh For Free with Free Shipping!!

Get Hello Fresh For Free with Free Shipping!!

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Update: 1/12/2023 its back!!

Update Again! 😒sorry if you are trying to claim a free box for two but they keep disabling it after so many uses.

If you see that above instead of the FREE in red then it’s disabled. You will have to check it again later. It will come back but this is a hit freebie so you will have to try later if you are not seeing the discount be applied. It has came back once today around 1pm EST and they just disabled it around 4PM EST on 1/9/2024.

It is absolutely free and you will not be charged so long as you follow the instructions below.

We have done it ourselves so we can verify that it works and we were not charged at all.
As of 1/9/2024 4:30PM EST

This is a new Hello Fresh link that they are offering for a limited time to TRY Hello Fresh for absolutely FREE.

How to claim

For starters this one is different than our Free $120 worth of food just pay $4.99 link that we posted earlier today. This one is absolutely FREE with shipping included.

The catch here is it is limited to 2 people and 2 recipes a week but it is absolutely FREE otherwise and includes shipping.


  • Click here then ‘Follow link’ to access the special promo.
  • Select the box size for 2 People with 2 Meals per week
  • Enter your info then go to checkout and your first box will be $0.00 with $0.00 shipping.

Lastly after you see this page you will be prompted to pick your meals and then pick your delivery date. Do not forget if you are just trying this out to pause future orders until your receive your first box then cancel if you plan to do so. It is 100% free and a limited time promotion so hurry! While supplies last!

Remember this

If you don’t want to receive any further meals after your first box, simply cancel before your next shipment. We suggest skipping the next few weeks to allow you time to receive your first box.

This is a subscription but you can update your preferences and skip, pause, or cancel at any time!

You can skip all your future orders until your box arrives it is easy.

How to skip future orders

Log into your account and look at the top bar and click the future dates and click “skip order” at the bottom. It will ask for a reason why and just say “Trying Service”.

Thats the bar for reference

Then after you skip your orders you will get a confirmation email and you should not be charged anything at all! And get your first order for FREE.

Email we got and we tried it and it worked.

Additional information

So why would they offer this for free?

For many reasons but we believe they are using this as a marketing promotion because they believe their service is worth it and by providing a free sample to people who would not otherwise try it might continue the service.

Or perhaps they have a surplus of products and they need to get rid of “x,y & z” amounts. It can also be a marketing thing that they can use as a tax write off like all the other big companies do. Marketing expenses is tax deductible and companies offer tons of products/promotions at the beginning of the year and charge them off as marketing expenses. Either way we aren’t 100% sure but it is 100% free. Just sharing this additional information because like you, we question everything too!

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